Reliable minibus rental with driver

Renting a minibus with driver is a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to meet the needs of a smaller group of passengers. Supernova travel offers a solution for congress and airport transfers, excursions, celebrations etc.

The minibus vehicles we’re offering all belong to a new generation with tourist equipment, so we’re able to meet all your needs, regardless of what they are. All our vans have professional audio equipment with mikes.

Multi-day, daily, or any other kind of off-schedule ride is available to you during 24 h, over 365 days span.

Our clients get maximum reliability and warranty of quality when renting our vehicles. Our services are available on the territory of Serbia and wider, but when it comes to minibus hire,  Belgrade is our starting point, even though we can send our vehicles across Europe, wherever you need it. Our main goal is to provide the best vehicles, and the best possible service to our clients.

Because we care about your comfort

  • Delegacy transport
  • Congress transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Airport transfer
  • Transport of sports teams
  • Transport to and from restaurants
  • Monastery and vine tours
  • Trade fair visits in the country and across Europe
  • Transport of music bands with equipment
  • Transport to and from various citiies in the country and abroad

Minibus rental is ideal for shorter destinations, but longer rides are also possible. When you are in need of transport for a larger group of people in the case your van is too small, and a bus too large – a minibus is a right solution for you. Our minibuses can transport up to 20 people at a time.

Special offer for tourist agencies

Supernova travel offers special conveniences for tourist agencies who are interested in minibus rental at affordable prices. You can rent a minibus for the whole season or for one occasion/tour only.

The event is just around a corner, and you need to transport a group of 20 something people at an affordable price? The minibus rental is convincingly the most cost-effective mode of transport in such cases.

These are the basics of minibus rental:

City ride is charged per hour, usually from X to X per hour. “Garage time”, the time a van needs to arrive from the garage to the place of departure and back is included in the price. Most companies demand at least 4 to 5 hours minimum.

For example: a van with 20 passengers rented for 5 hours, costs 100 euros per hour. The total cost is 600€ (500€ for 5 hours + 100€ garage time). Every additional hour is charged 100€, upon the start of the next hour.

It may sound expensive, until you compare it with the price of the taxi ride. The estimated price for a taxi for one passenger price can amount to few thousand dinars, while the minibus rental is about 700 dinars, having in mind our previous example (600/5/20=6€).

For rides outside of the city premises, the ride is charged per kilometer, usually from X to X per kilometer. The price includes the empty minibus return, tolls, additional taxes.

When it comes to price per seat, the transport of passengers via minibus is much cheaper, than hiring a taxi service, implying that the seat capacity is filled. We are here to help you pick a suitable vehicle for your route.

If you are in a need for transport for a larger group of people (up to 40 people or more), and you’re looking for a way to save money on transport, we suggest you rent a bus.

  • 16 + 1 – Mercedes Sprinter 413CDI
  • 19+1 / 20+1 VW Crafter 50, Mercedes Sprinter 515 CDI / 518 CDI, Iveco…

All the minibuses from our rolling stock belong to the coach category and they meet all legal requirements for that vehicle category. You are able to choose vehicles of the most prestigious manufacturers, such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Iveco and many others.

  • Wifi (Serbian territory)
  • Air conditioning
  • Audio/Video equipment
  • Comfortable seats
  • Radio
  • Mike
  • Seatbelts
  • Payment methods – avans or deposit
  • Passenger insurance is regulated by Law on compulsory insurance in traffic
  • When driving greater distances, the vehicle should not be driven more than 9 hours at once
  • If you wish to transport bigger quantities of luggage, let us know so we can provide a more suitable vehicle

Rent a minibus in just a few steps

If you feel confused with the procedure of renting a minibus, don’t worry because Supernova succeeded to make this procedure quite simple:

1. step

Contact us via our site or phone to get our free offer.

2. step

We will help you choose a right minibus and create a route.

3. step

We provide you with the exact tour plan and time of arrival.

That was by far all you needed to know at the moment! Everything else you need concerning paperwork, insurance, transport law and safety, we get done so you wouldn’t have to! We tailor an offer upon your request, all the while respecting the quality levels of vehicles and service. Supernova transport – is and always will be your confident partner on every journey!

Contact us

You’re still not sure if the minibus rental pays out? See for yourself! Send us a free inquiry and our team will respond as soon as possible.