Belgrade airport shuttle

Whether you’re coming or going to the Belgrade airport, Supernova transport is there for you. If you are in a need for a comfortable mode of transport from Belgrade airport to city or vice versa, we offer you a fast and quality airport transfer. It’s possible to arrange a ride to or from the airport from any address in Belgrade, during any time of day and night.

Why Supernova Belgrade airport transport?


Our services are performed by professional drivers in vehicles that meet all legal regulations and standards.


When you have a larger group of passengers, our van transport is conceivably the most-cost effective airport Belgrade transport.


We are aware how important time aspect is when it comes to airport flights, which is why we strictly stick to the schedule.


You can rest assured that you and your passengers will arrive safely to your destination, while respecting all security procedures.

For passengers who are in need of airport transport, Supernova offers you numerous modes of transportation. We are able to provide cars, vans, minibuses or buses, depending on your needs.

We are also able to acquire passengers from their home, hotel, congress hall, business meeting, Belgrade bus station, or any other destination of your choosing, leading you to Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport.

Belgrade airport transfer represents a service of transport from Belgrade airport to city centre. The term city implies all the addresses in the city of Belgrade, and the wider city centre.

Belgrade airport transport to other location is also possible, but with an additional charge,  and the borderline is in front of municipalities of Jakovo, Becmen, N. Pazova, N. Banovci, Borca, Veliko Selo, Vinca, Kaluđerica, Lestane, Beli potok, Rusanj and Zeleznik. The additional charge depends on the vehicle type, and our service will cover the exact amount in the offer, according to your request.

According to your demand or desire we can organize the transport of an individual or group of people to, or from the Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport, any time (0-24) over the whole year span, by one of the following vehicle types.

  • airport transfer by car (standard/lux)
  • transfer to/from airport by van (standard/lux)
  • transfer to/from airport by minibus
  • transfer to/from by bus
Type of transferPrice
Passenger transport  – transfer by standard car30 €
Passenger transport – transfer by De luxe car50 €
Passenger transport – transfer by van (8+1):35 €
Passenger transport – transfer by VIP van (8+1):50 €
Passenger transport – transfer by minibus (16 mesta):55 €
Passenger transport – transfer  by minibus (19-21 mesta):65 €
Passenger transfer – transfer by midibus (28-30 mesta):120 €
Passenger transfer – transfer by bus (49-90 mesta):135-250 €

*These prices do not inslude taxes (10%)

Price:All the mentined prices are final and do not include any hidden expenses
Payment:Ordered services are payed in advance
Tips:Not included
Carrying luggage:Not included
Languange:The default languange used by drivers is Serbian
Average time:30 min

Nikola Tesla airport transport - short instructions

The default luggage expected by a passenger is one middle sized bag (67 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm) plus one laptop computer. If your luggage vary from the previously mentioned size, please let us known so we can provide you with a more suitable vehicle and service. Otherwise, you are required to succumb to any additional charge for transporting your luggage from the airport to your hotel, or any other chosen address. The carrier is not required to take care of the undeclared luggage if the vehicle doesn’t have enough space.

  • Airport waiting period: The estimated time of waiting for passengers, without previous announcement is 1h. Upon expiration of that time, Supernova has a right to to withdraw the vehicle, and the transfer gets a “no-show” status. In that case there is no possibility of refund.
  • Airport departure time: In the case of transfer from the city to the airport, the driver will wait for you on the previously agreed location, or the one indicated in your reservation. Supernova travel holds no responsibility in the case of the delayed “check-in”, when passenger or the entire group insists upon arriving to the airport later than usual prescribed time for flight (0:45 – 2:00).
  • Waiting in the case of a flight delay: If you provide us with all information concerning your flight (flight number, relation and estimated time arrival time), don’t worry if your flight is late. Supernova travel will follow the flight status and will provide a vehicle according to the new timetable, with no additional charges. If the flight is delayed for more than a few hours due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, please call us and let us know about the flight status. Otherwise, Supernova travel will have no choice but to refuse to wait for you on the airport, and cancel the vehicle.
  • Connected flights: We would like to remind you that we hold the information about your last flight only, so we implore you to let us know if you’d like to postpone your transfer, in the case of the connection loss or or any other reason.
  • The transport of children is carried out solely when accompanied by an adult.
  • Small children and baby seats: Supernova travel has safety seats and busters for your children at our disposal, and will provide it for free if needed. What you need to do is to stress the age of your child upon making your reservation, otherwise the vehicle will arrive without the child seat.
  • On-arrival spot at the airport: Our drivers/car and van airport Belgrade transport will wait for you or your passengers at the “arrivals” section of the airport, with a previously written sign. Bigger vehicles are not permitted to park on the airport parking, so they will wait for you in front of the airport building, beneath the custom and passport services. The hold up is not allowed so the time of the arrival has to be precise. If you’d like, we can provide hosts who will escort your passengers towards the vehicle, a service we charge additionally. Entry and passage of the vehicle through the international arrival zone has to be announced at least 48 hours ahead. The request doesn’t mean an instant permit, since the airport services hold the right to refuse passage at any time, without explanation. The permitted passage is charged according to the size of the vehicle, and is 15€ min.
  • VIP Terminal: If you’re arriving by a private plane and you use VIP terminal, you’ll have to let us know in when making your request. In that case, the vehicle will be parked in the middle of the terminal.

If you can’t meet your driver for any reason, please speak to our dispatch service at +381 65 566 24 00 before searching for any other alternative.

In the van 8+1 LUX we have provided a free Supernova WI FI internet. Ask your driver to give you necessary access information, and enjoy. In case you need this type of service in any other vehicle, please send us a request.

The passengers who arrive to Belgrade bus or railway station, or are in a need of transport to them, will be provided with the service treated the same as airport transfers. The eventual deviations may arise due to the request specifics, so ask to see our offer first.

  • Smoking, eating or alcohol and psychoactive substances consummation in vehicles is not allowed. A passenger who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other kind of psychoactive substances will not be allowed to board and has no right on a refund.
  • Water and and non- alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles are permitted.

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Upon your request we will create an offer suitable to your needs, respecting the quality level of our vehicles and our service at the same time. Supernova transport – is and always will be you’re secure partner on every journey!